Thursday, July 19, 2012

Runneth Over

What an upside down weather pattern we have had this summer.  We recorded .65" of rain for the entire month of June, and were down to the last 8 inches of water in ten rain barrels. This was all that was left to water the chickens. Indeed, the weather was so hot that I heard of someone's potato crop getting partially cooked in the soil due to nearly two weeks of 100+ temperature.  The humidity was ultra low for East TN, where the rain probability was at 10% chance daily.  That is horrible I tell you, when you have plants trying to grow.

We used irony to break the drought, and our friends Tim and Kim helped us haul 3 barrels to the lake to bucket-fill.  It is this act of desperation alone that caused it to rain two days later, and we have got about 3 inches total this month since then.  It is amazing how this works. Hand bucket 165 gallons of water, only to get effortless water just two days later.  I cannot complain.  I have some really happy tomato plants and about 100 grateful chickens. Not to mention two very hairy dogs whom were very pleased to see the weather change.

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