Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To Do List:

Not necessarily in order.
-  build a Salatin drop cage for the meat birds before they get much bigger
-  plant the rest of the late season garden
-  prepare for the arrival of the new Rhode Island Red chicks
-  put up the invisible dog fence
-  install the charge controller, batteries and inverter for the PV system
-  build a stand for the 275 gallon water tote
-  pipe together the 55 gallon rain barrels
-  build a perimeter fence on the back property line
-  disc wheat field (more than once)
-  trim pony's hooves
-  get the kids some mud boots
-  get me some mud boots
-  start shopping for a new straw hat before this one rots off my head
-  buy spelt seed
-  plant spelt
-  plant Kamut
-  stop adding too many items to the to-do list
-  clean out the freezers
-  make a space for the mason jar shelf
-  plant some more veg winter garden
-  plant veg yet again (succession plant winter garden)
-  plant the garlic

I will only have 10% of my running to-do list ever completed.

The Oxacan Green corn above was on the to-do list, but was and epic to-do list failure, or was that a triumph of luck?

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